Internet Consultants and On Page SEO?

SEO consultancy 'may not deliver'?  Try seeking longer term results by on page changes for better off page SEO .

Internet consultants offer the good, bad and the ugly SEO consultancy. SEO is marketed by a bandwagon of lost souls leading lost people looking for their instant internet riches. Sorry folks, I don't have no time for that. On page SEO is better ?

Have a look at this Google posting from someone peddling SEO:

SEO Consultant Seeking Advice In Google

Can your SEO consultant understand on page SEO and the concept of a quality website?

Understanding why on page SEO is so important

Understanding on page SEO means you also get vital have off page SEO value for money.

What is the point of website back links to a domain or any URL where the website page appears under multiple 'also known by' or duplicate URL website addresses.  You need to get your own house in order and tidy up your websites prior to starting any external link campaigns else the effort is dissipated by the number of duplicate site addresses your site is known by.

Honestly, you do not want to go out and agree a monthly contract with any outsourcing 'SEO consultant' if your website hosting is in a mess. You will be wasting 75% of your spend. You need to get your house in order and optimised your websites prior to starting any external back link campaigns else the effort is dissipated by the number of duplicate site addresses your site is known by. The problem can arise from simple URL combinations such as: and index.php and only the website name.

If any of the above leads to the same content then: How can Google find out which website address they should use and know you by?

Assist Google and Google will reward you so technical mastery, to achieve SEO rankings, will make the best use of any off-page SEO services.

Google wants good results to keep people happy to use Google. Happy users means more basic pay-per-click opportunities and more Google business. Being disconnected from the needs of web surfers reduces the total potential revenue for Google. In short, they needs good quality content for good search results.

While we are on the subject of contracted out SEO I hope that you realise that most SEO services are outsourced. SEO scam services are sold to you, at good healthy margins, and are then delivered by means of a subscription services.

Subscription services generate spam SEO back links when SEO is eventually sub-contracted to places such as India at a fraction of your fee costs.  Go down this route and your website gains are at risk of being lost when Google develops methods to detect SEO spam. This has already started to happen in the latest Google search engine changes but I forecast that Google will only get better at battling SEO spam. SEO consultants keep these facts hidden from you.

Often websites do not set solid foundations for the future and many sites fall short of their SEO aims. Is this the cost of over ambition or a lack of awareness - we don't think that it is greed but confusion caused by outsourcing SEO consultants who only want to charge high fees.

Setting concrete SEO planning expectations for solid and future riches means:

  • Well researched keyword phrases
  • Great copy
  • Good navigation links on site
  • URL addresses which are unique for their content
  • Modest on site picture content to balance text content
  • Room to grow in the technology
  • Simple and known page layout for ease of understanding
  • Valid HTML and CSS code
  • Full and proper use of the HTML codes: 301,302 and 404
  • Good website hosting

Commit to on page SEO from internet consultants who understand MK internet marketing for profitable business.