On Page SEO Consultancy instead of SEO outsourcing

"The good, bad and the ugly" of SEO Consultancy is that it is peddled by the bandwagon of lost souls who lead lost people looking for their instant internet riches.  Sorry folks, I don't have no time for that and nor should you.

Have a look at this Google posting from someone peddling SEO:

SEO Consultant seeks basic advice as a 'SEO expert'

Dose this SEO consultant understand on page SEO and the concept of a quality website?

Understanding why on page SEO is so important

What is the point of website promotion and linking to a website domain, or any URL, where the domain appears under multiple 'also known by' or duplicate URL website addresses.  You need to get your own house in order and tidy up your websites prior to starting any external link campaigns else the effort is dissipated by the number of duplicate site addresses your site is known by.

Frankly, you do NOT want to go out and spend £200 or £300 a month with any outsourcing 'SEO Consultant' if your website hosting is in a mess.  You will be wasting 75% of your spend if your website domain can be found with duplicate content by using website addresses as simple as this:









If all of the above leads to the same content then:

How can Google determine which URL/website address they should use for your website?

Help Google and Google will help you so technical mastery, to achieve SEO rankings, will make the best use of any outsourced SEO services.  Google isn't a charity and it IS the most ruthless business this planet has ever seen.  Why do I say this?

Google wants good results to keep people happy to use Google.  Happy users means more basic pay-per-click opportunities and more Google revenue.  Being disconnected or distant from the needs of web surfers reduces the total potential revenue for Google.  In short they need good quality content for good search results.

Non-on page and outsourced SEO

While we are on the subject of outsourced SEO I hope that you realise that most SEO services are outsourced.  The majority of SEO services are sold to you, at good healthy margins, and are then:

  • automated through a subscription services
    The subscription service generates spam back links or spam back links being outsourced to places like India at low costs.

Go down this route and your website gains are subject to long term risk of being lost when technology catches up with SEO spam detection.  This has alredy started to happen in the latest Google search engine changes but I predict that Google will only increase this effort and will continue to battle SEO spam.  SEO consultants won't tell you this because the majority of website owners are interested only in today.

Many websites are not setting firm foundations for tomorrow and many websites fail to achieve their objectives.  Is this a casualty of greed or a lack of awareness - I don't believe it is greed but confusion is created by so many SEO Consultants who's short terms goals are only to make money.

Setting firm SEO foundations for tomorrow and into the future means...

  • Correctly researched keyword phrases
  • Well constructed content
  • Well constructed on-site linking
  • Tightly controlled website URL addresses
  • Well balanced page content pictures/text and text content
  • Highly featured with social networking
  • Well established design methods
  • Clean HTML and CSS code
  • Proper use and understanding of 301,302 and 404 HTML codes

Then you can back link and promote the well researched SEO key phrase targets and monitor website conversions.