STOP SEO SPAM - Awareness of the damage caused to your website

So you are likely to be a forum administrator or a website owner and find that you are inundated by new user account creations followed by worthless content messages containing website back links.  You just know that this is going to take you hours to clean up and remove such messages.  Worst still the attack of spam comment messages is relentless.

It is time to wake up and realise that your website is on a automated and downloaded spam list.  This spam attack is going to get worse unless you can find a technical answer to limit the human effort required to manage this.  You also need to address the two reasons why people do this:

  • Link juice or page rank
  • Traffic to gain website visitors

The first priority is to ensure that you have rel='nofollow' in all links which go off-site.  You can have exclusions for paid banners or for approved partners but there is no reason why normal users should need to promote a website page using the authority of your website.  Simply remove the temptation for easy page ranking by SEO spammers.

Now that you have removed the link promotion temptation you are still going to have a problem. Sites get copied and some of them do not implement the rel='nofollow' so the link promotion still works, if only by second hand and copied sites using your content.

So rel='nofollow' is in use and you feel better.  Bad luck because Google takes account of 'nofollow' and the link is still counted in the total links on a page.  You page rank is divided by the number of links on a page so 'nofollow' links will be consuming the page rank you can give.  The page rank simply goes to nothing and the total effect is to reduce the other meaningful links on the page.

Traffic syphoning, or placing of a website link, to induce some of your website visitors to view another website can only be prevented by restricting the ability to leave such website links.  You have to implement authority levels to your logged in users if you want to be able to have links going away from your website.

It may be better to simply prevent links being hosted on your blog comments.  Dare I say that this is not the end of the matter.  Although this is not widely reported there is another Google effect which will permit spam blogging to work without links - true, you need only try it out yourself:

"Branding word association is understood by Google"

A spammer need only get onto a medical website and talk about words used in their domain name then the words become associated with medical aspects.  Now the spammer will find it easier to promote viagra as a cure to a medical condition.  All of this can be done without creating a direct back link but through association to words used in a reputable way.

Try it out for yourself:

1. Choose a silly obscure word phrase, say: Eby Wizkly

2. Associate the above phrase with any product or service dedicated site

3. Let the phrase be picked up and content indexed by Google over about 6-8 pages

4. Search for 'Eby Wizkly'.... in the results you will find: THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES YOU ASSOCIATED TO THE PHRASE

I hope that you can see that SEO spam is NOT a simple and clear cut problem to be solved by one simple answer.